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Nanjangud Tooth Powder 18g
Nanjangud Tooth Powder 18g
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The Iconic product from the house of B V Pundits' Traditional & Herbal Healthcare. Children and adults alike are fond of the taste of this Tooth Powder. Non-toxic and completely vegetarian, refreshes the breath and has a very long lasting effect. 

Customer Reviews

Review by  Prahta
(posted on Mar 04, 2018)
Thrilled to find the pink tooth powder again that I grew with. How can I forget this tasty powder I used to eat secretly? As the other reviewers mentioned, this wonderful powder has to reach the world wide or at least all the Indian market so that the current generation will take advantage about it. Happy that it is available online. Tried the other one Dashan Raksha and it cures all the gum issues and makes the teeth whiter.

I hope all the people who used this in their childhood would start using it again and take them to the next generations.
Review by  SRI R
(posted on May 24, 2015)
An excellent tooth powder for the ultimate treatment of all dental problems. Please take necessary steps to market it world wide so that all people would be benefitted.Also continue to manufacture this tooth powder for the coming centuries too without changing original ingredients! Please raise awareness among our current generations about India's traditional cures for all sorts of dental and gum issues.
Review by  T.S. Nagarajan
(posted on Nov 08, 2013)
This meter-gage railway line connected the city with Nanjangud, the temple town, better known for the famous tooth powder produced there by a well-known Ayurvedic Pandit.
The Nanjangud tooth powder, pink in colour, tasted nice and was the thing used in almost all the households in the city including ours. Most of us remained stuck with the pink powder and didn't promote ourselves from the powder to the paste until we finished college and found jobs.
We had christened the train to Nanjangud as “Tooth Powder Express”.
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