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Srikara Amodini is a Herbal Throat Lozenge. It is a very small pill with a big impact on the voice quality. Infact several famous singers and orators have been using this pill to great benefit. It also relieves all kinds of cough and soothes minor throat irritation in smokers and lecturers. It imparts fine fragrance to the mouth and hence can be used as a mouth freshener also. Srikara Amodini has anti inflammatory properties by which is soothens the inflammed vocal cords.

Packaging Description: 100 pills in a plastic container 

Chief Ingredients: Kunkuma kesara, Madhuka.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  angana deka
(posted on Sep 08, 2014)
I was recommended amodini by one of my friends at work. I often suffer from throat infection. And then I tried this medicine for the first time and it worked like magic and since then I have been using this whenever I suffer from throat infections. Thank you to my friend for recommending amodini. It is simply amazing.
Review by  vinod kamath
(posted on Oct 23, 2013)
I've been using this product since 2008, which I refer to Srikara Amodini. I have also given this to my friends, who have given good report and thanked for recommending it. One of the best products from BVPS !
Review by  Sridevi C Dabir
(posted on Oct 21, 2013)
I have been using Amodini for a long time now. It is very effective in throat irritation. Since I am a singer, I keep a regular supply of this with me. What is more unlike other similar products that I have used, it does not leave a bitter taste in the mouth and instead freshens the breath and the effect is long lasting.
Review by  Giridhar Pai
(posted on Oct 21, 2013)
I am also in habit of buying and distributing the
Srikara Amodini tablets which is a good throat lozenge and is helpful in managing throat irritations and infections
and keeping one in fitness to talk as part of one’s profession. Modern professionals with much talking to do
as part of work will definitely benefit from Srikara Amodini which comes in easy packs that can be carried
daily to work.
Review by  preksha
(posted on Jul 31, 2013)
i like this product a lot!!Infact my grandmother used to believe in it a lot!!

thanks for making this medicine

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