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Bhavana Shunti
Bhavana Shunti
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Bhavana Shunti is a tangy, tongue clicking product that is a digestive and
an appetizer. Natural ginger processed with rock salt and citrus to give it
a very acceptable taste on chewing. A piece of Bhavana Shunti stimulates
the salivary glands and releases saliva (sialagogue) that aids in digestion
with amylase a salivary enzyme. Apart from benefits in digestion, Ginger
as such, has been attributed with many benefits in Ayurveda like lowering
cholesterol, as a blood thinner, for arthritis etc., which have all been
extensively reiterated by modern scientific research.  We recommend
1-2 pieces of Bhavana Shunti to be consumed before food as an appetizer
and after food to aid in digestion.

Packaging Description: 50 gms in a plastic container 

Chief Ingredients: Shunti, Saindhava, Jambeera.

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Customer Reviews

Review by  Nalini Persad
(posted on Dec 15, 2017)
Excellant, my late father was a professor of Ayurveda, so I know the value of Bhavana shunti. Sadly not available in United Kingdom, and even Ayurvedic shops here do not stock this product. So, everytime I come to England I have to bring a big packet of Bhavna Shunti. So it will be wonderful if you can suggest how to get the Bhavana Shunti in United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Thanking you,

Mrs Nalini Persad (daughter of late Dr. C. Dwarakanath)
Review by  anupam shrimal
(posted on Jul 01, 2015)
Awesome Product !! it gives instant relief from discomfort related to gas , acidity , giddiness , nausea and vomitting . v fast delivery too !
(posted on Dec 25, 2014)
It is a very good product helps in digestion and good for gastric problem.
Review by  Sasank Sekhar Nayak
(posted on Jun 26, 2014)
Excellent herbal pill for indigestion. Thanks Sadvaidyasala.
Review by  Sandhya Swethadri
(posted on Oct 21, 2013)
Bhavana Shunti is in my opinion a wonderful product. It gives so much of relief from discomfort related to indigestion and full stomach. It is my constant companion as it is so easy to carry in my bag.
Review by  Giridhar Pai
(posted on Oct 21, 2013)
The Bhavana Shunti (also called Ging Chip) is a popular OTC product that helps indigestion. My family
members are fond of this product for its tangy taste.
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